Agency Services

Single Limited Company

CMEASY is a regulated firm of Chartered Accountants who will never knowingly endorse tax structures and positions that could expose your agency, your clients and your contractors to fall foul of the law.

By using the services of Chartered Accountants, such as CMEASY, who are highly experienced in the contracting market, your contractors will receive the best advice to help them maximise their net income by operating through their own limited company.

CMEASY can help your contractor to form a genuine, limited company that will contract with you, the agency, in order to carry out the contract assignment. Your contractor is the director who controls invoicing, the company bank account and decides how much to pay himself or herself - a combination of salary and dividends.

Contractors who operate through their own limited company enjoy:

  • Increased income retention
  • A wider range of claimable expenses
  • Access to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme where possible

For further information, please call the CMEASY Admin team on 020 8951 5553 or email

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