Six in ten contractors want to see an ‘IR35 rethink’

An illuminating study published earlier this month has revealed that as many as six in ten (or 63 per cent of) UK contractors and freelancers want to see an ‘IR35 rethink’ now that the General Election has passed and Brexit negotiations are beginning to take hold.

The study, which was published in Business Matters magazine in early August, sets out a contractors’ wish list for the Government ahead of Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU).

It states that 15.5 per cent of contractors would like to see the Government appoint a specialist Minister for freelancers and contractors.

A further ten per cent believe that the Government should take action to improve the accessibility of mortgages to contractors and self-employed individuals – who can sometimes face difficulties when it comes to purchasing their first home.

Meanwhile, seven per cent of respondents told the survey that the Government should invest more money in incentivising specialist pensions catered specifically to suit the self-employed, while 4.5 per cent said that they would like to see ‘greater clarity’ surrounding employment status and IR35.

Commentators have suggested that, in the wake of the General Election and ahead of Britain’s departure from the EU, the Government has the ideal opportunity to ‘start afresh’ by offering greater support to the UK’s growing number of self-employed individuals.

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