Contractors favoured by British secret intelligence sector

A new report has revealed that the UK’s secret intelligence sector appears to favour contractors when it comes to selecting specialist recruits to carry out ‘spy work’.

According to new research, UK ‘spy agencies’ such as MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, handed out approximately £1.2 billion worth of contracts to British freelancers in 2017 – up £400 million on figures recorded as recently as 2011.

In fact, contactors now account for more than a third of the nation’s entire intelligence budget.

The statistics, which were unveiled as part of an official Parliamentary report published just after Christmas by the Intelligence and Security Committee, are a testament to the depth and diversity of interesting work available to those who choose to work as a contractor in the UK.

Conservative MP Keith Simpson indicated that the sector was growing increasingly reliant on the work of external professionals.

He said: “Our agencies would find it difficult to continue to do the work they are doing, let alone deal with increasing threats, without this support.”

An Intelligence and Security Committee spokesperson added that the nature of contracts handed out to freelancers in the past year had included both “highly technical roles” and more basic, non-specialist work.

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