British tourism boosted by decline in international travel

Many of us may be disappointed by the fact that we may not be able to travel this summer to our favourite overseas destination due to the restrictions placed on travel and the need to self-isolate after returning from overseas under the Government’s latest guidance, but it could lead to a boom in British tourism.

Many news sources are reporting a surge in bookings for staycations later in the year, as holidaymakers hope that restrictions will be lifted further so that they can enjoy all that Britain has to offer.

This boom to British tourism is likely to have a trickledown effect on the rest of the economy, including in sectors where many contractors work

The extent of this surge in staycations will rely on the Government’s approach to easing restrictions in the coming weeks and months.

Under it’s three-point plan, released this month, it suggests that if the rate of infection sinks low enough, phase two (the opening of non-essential retail and loosening of other restrictions) could take place from 1st June. The next step, which would allow for the opening of leisure and hospitality venues, on which many holidays will rely, could take place as early as 4th July.

However, each of these phases will have to rely on scientific evidence and if the Government suspects that we are heading towards a second peak of infections then it may be forced to re-impose tougher restrictions.

Let’s hope that we can all enjoy a brilliant British summer, weather permitting of course.

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