New wheelie bin world record set

A new Guinness World Record for the fastest wheelie bin has been set by a British engineer, who reached a top speed of more than 40mph.

Andrew Jennings used a small motorbike engine, bike seat and the steering from a mobility scooter to turn a regular green household waste bin into a speed machine. 

To claim the title of world’s fastest wheelie bin, the Guinness World Record officials set Andy a benchmark speed of over 30mph.

Andy recently smashed this target at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire by reaching a top speed of 43mph.

Speaking after he claimed the world record attempt, which was in memory of his best friend Ben Ellis who passed away in June, Andy said: "It’s been a great day all round I got my record, with 45.35mph - which is well above the target I was set of 30mph, so I was really happy with that.

"It was a bit hairy on my first attempt, because it was quite windy on the runway and I got caught in the crosswinds, so it was pretty bumpy, and pulling to the left and the right.

"I just got myself into fourth gear as quickly as possible and hoped for the best. Once I got to the end of the runway, it was a really nice feeling looking back and seeing all the spectators there cheering me on."

As well as Andy’s record, several other runs were completed on the day by the world’s fastest motorised toilet, which reached 44.6mph, and the world’s fastest garden shed, which hit 106.1mph.

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